is a talent management and organizational performance consulting firm.


We help marketing, communications, and design organizations hire and retain superior talent who deliver results. We also advise these companies on how today's workforce, works.

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Executive & Retained Search

Employee selection is the single most important task that any organization faces. Hiring the wrong people not only affects morale and productivity, it costs the organization time, money, and increased risk.


We recommend and implement cutting-edge methodologies to help you select the best executives, leaders, managers and practitioners for your marketing, communications and design organization.


Our performance-based selection program is backed by a six-month guarantee.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing redesigned (RPOr)

Recruiting for marketing, communications and design practices are unique within an organization, and is often not want an HR team or creative team has time or interest to learn or do. 

RPOoffers organizations and agencies the option to outsource all or portions of their recruitment efforts, from ATS tracking and candidate management to writing job descriptions, conducting expert interviews, reference checking or establishing performance programs.

Organizational Performance

The ability to accurately evaluate individual performance leads to long-term sustainable organizational performance. 

Along with our expertise in hiring, we build customized performance goals that tie to business outcomes.


This takes the guesswork out of the performance review process, the review, and determining whether you have the right practitioners in the right roles, working alongside and being managed by the right people.

Our Stance on Racism

That's a hard, "No."

"Skin color shouldn't define anyone's chances of survival or success."

Lee Andrese, Principal & Managing Director

akathame LLC 

Let us help you create a talent management solution that delivers exceptional organizational performance, and promotes a culture of inclusion.


akathame (ă-kah-thah-may), derived from two words, akasha and athame, to mean directed energy. 

Email: inquiries@akathame.com

Phone: 410.262.1828

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