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Talent Acquisition & Human Capital Management

Agile - Holistic - Responsive

Right-sized for your company.

akathame (ă-kah-thah-may) is derived from two words, akasha (energy) and athame (a tool used to direct energy) to mean directed energy. 

akathame is an ideal solution for startups and small businesses that need various components of an HR practice without a long-term commitment. From creating HR manuals and training programs to helping build your team by finding and retaining superior talent. 


akathame solutions are right-sized

for your organization. 


We're a consortium of HR experts who've supported Fortune 100 and 500 companies and the federal government (including the Intelligence Community) by applying a human-centered approach to create exceptional experiences, solutions, and outcomes for employees and candidates.

Our Services

Our agile, holistic, and responsive approach to workforce transformation and talent acquisition result in one or more of the following:

  • reduced cost per hire

  • improved retention

  • reduced time to hire

  • happier people progressing and growing in an organization they love to brag about


Storytelling Workshop

I recently finished Lee’s Storytelling Workshop and it was GREAT!!! With a job and possible career change looming on my horizon, a trusted friend connected me with Lee. Her first recommendation was “get in her Storytelling Workshop.” I really did not know that I needed it and really didn’t know what was in store, but paid the nominal fee and completed my enrollment. Lee took me on a journey through documenting recent accomplishments, why the stories about the accomplishments are important, and how to use them in a resume, networking conversations, interviews, and LinkedIn. Her high energy approach to the workshop is contagious and fired me up to do the work, despite it being challenging and very introspective. I can see this concept and approach are applicable not only for job/career changes but for presenting projects, pitching proposals, showing data - lots of other uses. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who needs assistance in making a job or career change!!!

Brett Basford

Program Manager, HP


Tel: 410.262.1828

Fax: 410.661.2370

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