akathame is a consortium of HR experts who’ve supported Fortune 100 and 500 companies and the federal government (including the Intelligence Community)

by applying a human-centered approach to create exceptional experiences, solutions, and outcomes for employees, candidates, and companies.

Our Story

akathame (ă-kah-thah-may) is a consortium of recruiting, marketing, design, user and customer experience professionals who’ve spent their careers perfecting the best way to find, hire, staff, structure and retain superior marketing, communications and creative talent for small and medium size businesses, Fortune 100 & 500 companies, state and federal government, including the Intelligence Community.

As marketing and creative leaders and practitioners, your careers are defined by the brands you represent, the people you work with, and the products you support. Helping people like you make career decisions, as a hiring manager or candidate, is all we’ve done, and we do it well because we understand what’s at stake.

Our Results

40 Years

Leadership and practice experience in marketing, communications and design staffing and studios


Successful Placements


Average savings in cost, improved time-to-hire and retention

Lee Andrese, Principal and Managing Director Akathame

Lee can do and teach.

She’s sold and implemented multi-million dollar marketing, communications and creative talent management solutions within industry and government, including the Intelligence Community.

She also led learning and development capabilities including creating, implementing, and teaching sales, sales management, technology, and customer service best practices.

​Lee became a Certified Usability Analyst to better understand design decisions, the UX function, and roles. Since 2010, she’s represented, placed, and worked with hundreds of industry and government design leaders to architect and implement talent solutions that became defining points in careers for marketing and creative professionals, practices, and companies.

​When Lee’s not advocating for or supporting the marketing and design community, she can be found riding her motorcycle (her own).

“We are the bar of excellence for recruiting and human resources practices.”

– Lee Andrese, Principal & Managing Partner

akathame solutions are right-sized for your organization.

If you dare to think differently about creating a high-performing organization, then you’re a perfect fit to achieve akathame — directing energy to greatness.