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Boutique PR Agency

  • 30% revenue growth
  • 12 months without turnover

Business Challenge

Improve organizational productivity and expand revenue streams. The CEO was responsible for 95% of the company’s growth leaving little time to focus on strategic initiatives. This also created an imbalance in the execution of the work, burgeoning the staffing, resulting in turnover of key personnel.


We met with the CEO to understand their three to five-year goals, the workforce structure, performance evaluation and review process, sales and delivery processes. We also met with other leaders and managers to observe how initiatives were communicated, processes and tools used, and workflow and project management.

During the discovery phase, we identified significant roadblocks to achieving peak performance, largely related to personnel not understanding what was expected of them. There was the ability and interest to grow the revenue, but no understanding of where that fit into their responsibilities or time management.

Following our proprietary methodology, we developed an organizational performance plan, metrics and individual contributor performance plans that provided a map to peak performance, tying each position to growth and revenue generating activities. This gave managers a tool to manage peak performance, and employees clarity on performance expectations and how to achieve them.


Organizational alignment resulted in a 30% growth in revenue from the team, high morale resulting in no turnover in a 12-month period, and the CEO’s ability to focus on more strategic efforts.

Global Media Agency

  • 21% revenue growth
  • 68% increase in gross profit margins

Business Challenge

With eight years of flat revenue, declining gross profit margins, disgruntled staff, and mediocre performance across the board, akathame was requested to help determine the cause and provide a recommended course of action.


Following our proprietary organizational performance process, we worked with the COO to evaluate if the problem was systemic (operational, marketing, sales, technology, or if there was an employee performance issue.

After meeting with agency leaders, including sales, operations and creatives, we concluded that the issue was not systemic, but in the under performing staff. 

We then developed a plan to help manage under performers up or out, and a hiring process that focused on attracting candidates with past performance that tied to the company’s strategic direction and initiatives. 

We created customized performance profiles (high fidelity job descriptions), a targeted recruitment marketing strategy, and a customized screening, interviewing, and candidate selection approach. We also provided a one-year performance review plan that allowed the hiring manager and employee to evaluate individual impact over the course of their first year.


Our organizational realignment led to 21% growth in revenue and 68% increase in gross profit margins in an 18-month period. Underperforming personnel were transformed into high-performing, seven-figure contributors, and morale is at an all time high.

Intelligence Community

  • 100% retention
  • 100% reporting and security compliance
  • 10 out of 10 client and employee satisfaction rating
  • saved 30% on new hire costs

Business Challenge

Because of the TS/SCI Poly clearance requirement, the hiring process for this government agency can take up to two years, which mean relying on traditional government contractors to bring in new graphic and digital design talent. The result was recycling design talent based on their current clearance status which resulted in working with unqualified talent, and insufficient number of talent, and high turnover.


akathame’s managing partner met with the Chief of the creative division to understand the challenges, type of graphic and digital products produced, current hiring process, creative production and review process, and technologies. 

We then assembled a new team consisting of  two full-time recruiters, part-time sourcer, a program manager, and quickly ramped up on security matters. 

Because of the complexity of the roles and unique requirements, we created a customized recruitment marketing strategy, sourcing, screening, and interview and evaluation process, along with performance profiles (high fidelity job descriptions) for five critical positions.

We assumed full responsibility for our design team, which resulted in needing a new performance review plan that included obtaining client, team and program manager input. 


The client was able to expand their capabilities in digital design and their capacity to take on more work without stretching internal resources. 

Our team had three times more hires (starts) than the client’s internal team in the first year, with 100% retention of the initial team for three years. We achieved 100% reporting and security compliance and received a 10 out of 10 client and employee satisfaction rating. Additionally, our solution saved the client at least 30% on new hire costs.

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