Organizational Performance Consulting

Our leadership consulting practice gives you access to some of the most sought-after executives in the strategy, human capital management, service delivery, operational excellence, and organizational development space. With a focus on peak performance, our consultants deliver efficiency models that result in...

Our practice leaders and expert teams are hand-picked based on your business challenges.

Our teams assess, design, and implement people-centric solutions that create clarity, peak performance planning and excellence. The realized benefit is:

  • Increased capacity

  • Improved individual, team and organizational performance

  • A dynamic and diverse culture

  • A stronger brand that people are proud to tout

Our engagement process is simple.

3-5 Day On-site Organizational Fitness Assessment that includes a review of people, process & culture

Identify Areas of weakness/challenge

Deliver Results, short term suggestions delivered

Build Collaborative Solutions

Begin Consulting engagement

Facilitate Long-term process improvement changes

Align Talent

Manage Change

Periodic on-going assessment of effectiveness/recommend necessary tweaks

Organizational effectiveness

Realized revenue

Increased production

Greater brand control

"High performing companies, at any size, hire the smartest people they can afford, then trust them to do their thing."

Lee Andrese, Principal & Managing Partner

akathame LLC

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akathame (ă-kah-thah-may), derived from two words, akasha and athame, to mean directed energy. 


Phone: 410.262.1828

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