We make working with akathame easy and affordable. After we talk, we'll break down some models to better help you understand how we structure engagements.


Whether it's a singular service (managing your candidate pipeline, filling open positions) or a hybrid solution akathame's solutions and pricing models offer a variety of affordable options to achieve your business goals.


Model 1 — By The Service is an ideal option to assist with a variety of recruitment needs, as needed and for varying lengths of time. Fees are either based on retained search percentages or by the hour. The cost-benefit is realized by charging only for the time used, at a rate this is aligned with the level of expertise needed to fulfill the complexity of the requirement. 


Model 2 — Recruitment Process Outsourcing redesigned (RPOr) is the recommended program to receive the full cost-benefit and overall impact of akathame's RPOr solution through a monthly retainer. We design the program based on your current requirements and modify it as your organization grows.

Model 3 — Organizational Performance solutions are focused on improving talent and organization performance outcomes. These programs are quoted based on the effort required to achieve those outcomes. 

Customizable. Affordable. Right.

akathame solutions are right-sized for your organization, but we're not right for every company.


If you dare to think differently about creating a high-performing organization, then you're a perfect fit to achieve akathame — directing energy to greatness.


akathame (ă-kah-thah-may), derived from two words, akasha and athame, to mean directed energy. 


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